Fantastic classes and great for my bad knees. I know my limits but want to achieve more. Adele is a unique and amazing instructor that you can approach with health problems and she has solutions for improvement and adaptability. HIGHLY recommend. If you haven’t tried it yet you are missing out!

Sarah Close

I’ve had a full knee replacement and was having problems before I went to hot yoga. Now I’ve got much better movement and a lot fitter thanks to Adele. Classes are fantastic, love the people, love the trainer.

Lynn Griffiths

Had my second class tonight and I’m hooked. Great exercise with zero impact but still burns the calories as much as anything I’ve tried. It’s definitely not as easy as you might think but you’re only encouraged to push yourself as far as you’re comfortable. Adele is a great instructor who adds humour and has an upbeat attitude and a very refreshing approach. She made it fun and there is a great atmosphere. Adele you’ve got something awesome going on!

Anthony Holt