Some Days We All Need a Helping Hand

In our everyday lives we often have to juggle many different things: at work, looking after family or coping with a hectic schedule. At times we might say we wish we had more hands, ignoring the challenges of getting them all to work together or the jumper we’d need on cold days.

Throughout Hindu mythology there are many religious images showing multiple arms. The hands sometimes hold objects with symbolic meanings and the hand position may have a hidden message too. The many arms reflect their superhuman ability to do amazing things far beyond the capabilities of ordinary mortals. The arms are protective, representing a readiness to battle evil from any direction, so symbolise ideals like harmony and a good life.

While we immerse ourselves in the physical aspects of yoga, it can be enlightening to take some time out to think about the mental or spiritual side of our practice.

Many people today are tolerant, respectful and open to the ideas and insights of different faiths. If that sounds like you, you may find it fascinating to read about one of the oldest religions which is at the root of many forms of yoga. The sacred stories and the tales of epic adventures, passed from generation to generation, have helped shape tradition and culture. The symbolic nature of the stories helps us to think at a deeper level about a range of complex ideas, which may bring new insight to those of us who have not grown up in the Hindu faith.

By incorporating the values and principles that speak most directly to us in to our lives, we gain another resource – a metaphorical form of having an extra arm we can depend on.

Whether or not you explore the philosophical aspects, yoga is a superb way to set all the everyday demands aside, find some space to breathe, to move and find that peaceful place where you can put your worries on hold for a little while.

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