It’s a Balancing Act

Not all of us will be able to maintain this handstand. Some of us struggle to balance on the best of days. We often have lots of things on our minds and lots of things we need to be doing or places we have to be. Sometimes this can get in the way of our exercise routines. You can tell what sort of day you have had in your balances: some days you will be as steady as a rock and others you might be unstable and wobbling.

Here are five tips to help you to balance in a handstand pose:

  • Fix your gaze or drishti – here Shaz is staring between her hands, which really helps your ability to maintain balance.
  • Engage your core muscles, then squeeze your legs together and point your toes.
  • Be grounded by spreading your fingers and using them to make fine adjustments to your balance.
  • Shrug, then fully extend your shoulders.
  • Finally and most importantly, remember to breathe into the pose.

There are some superb progressions that will help you build up to, then finally maintain a handstand. The best way to learn those is to go and visit your local yoga studio and find someone to support you.

If you live near Stoke, we suggest booking one of Shaz’s classes so she can help you enjoy your journey to handstand.