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Some of our most popular posts have been about yoga and weight loss. We weren’t expecting that, but perhaps it’s not too surprising.

We are bombarded by images of the perfect body. Advertisers promise us the most amazing changes if we use their beauty product or follow a certain diet. It feels like nearly every  school fence or church hall has a banner advertising Slimmers World or Weight Watchers, all promising us miraculous results in quick time frames. It’s big business. Then think of all those Instagram and social media images spreading the myth that health = thinness, beauty = flawless and both of these = contentment.

To be body confident under a constant barrage of photoshopped pictures of super thin, blemish-free models is hard for us all, even the models used to sell us the idea.

We’re conscious that most images of people doing yoga show the poses done perfectly, gracefully, by well toned practitioners. But yoga is not just for super fit or super slim experts. It’s for everyone. You’ll see wobbly poses and natural bodies in our studio and we’re proud of that.

We write about health, fitness and well-being because we’re confident that activity holds the key to feeling better, not just in your body but in your life. Doing any form of yoga will tend to make you better balanced. As you become more aware of your body and widen its potential, you become more confident: more able to find a sense of joy in simply being you.

Our top tip is to find a workout you love, one you enjoy doing which gives that amazing sense of satisfaction each time you do it. We think of it as fitness magic. A lot of our clients come initially because they want to get fit or lose weight but once they’ve experienced our style of yoga, they come back because they love it. Their motivation changes from doing a dutiful exercise chore to loving how our style of yoga makes them feel.

Getting preocupied with the way you look and constantly feeling negative towards yourself is very draining. If you’d find it easier to share a list of niggles about your appearance or abilities than to share your good points, perhaps it’s time to change direction. Focusing on your positive attributes will pay dividends for your confidence and psyche.

Remind yourself how amazing you are. Try to be your own supportive best friend. Keep a happiness jar and fill it with twists of paper, each with a few words to remind you of things that made you smile, kindnesses given or received and achievements. Or treat yourself to a hot yoga session to put things into perspective, and help you find inner peace and outer strength.

We celebrate this recent post from the WordPress editorial team explaining about a new venture that will, over time, create more diverse free to use images featuring different body shapes and skin tones. We’ve used a picture from the Pexels library in this post. 

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