Strong Warrior

We all have days that challenge us. Our favourite pose to cope with those types of days is the warrior pose. This fantastic pose helps to remind us we have an inner strength that can carry us through our days and our challenges.

Some days our warrior might not be as deep and as powerful as others but it’s still there inside, waiting for us to call on. As we breathe into the pose and deepen the bend in our knees we can challenge our warrior to emerge and to keep us grounded and strong. As our eye gaze focuses on those outstretched arms and fingers, and we consciously extend to stretch our arms as far as they can go, we let the tensions and pressures of our day recede. We focus our efforts in being in the here and now, being present with our practise.

At the end of our class as we celebrate making and taking the time to invest in our health and fitness, that inner strong warrior smiles.

Come and join us to find your strong warrior!

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