Yoga and Pregnancy

Sadly, you will not be able to practice in a hot yoga studio during pregnancy. Studies have shown that overheating can cause problems for the foetus especially in the first few months.

Once you have had your six week check-up after having your baby, and have been medically cleared to come back to hot yoga, a specialist programme will help get you back to your pre-baby weight and fitness levels.

Adele, who teaches at Bolton Hot Yoga is a mum of three and ideally placed to understand the joys and challenges you’re experiencing. She says that hot yoga helped give her time for herself, while increasing her stamina to deal with the demands of her little ones.

So if you’ve recently had a baby, give hot yoga sessions a try. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced practitioner, we feel sure you’ll love the feeling of well-being hot yoga gives.

Yoga during pregnancy

While you are pregnant, other styles of yoga can be wonderful. A lot of postures help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which will be a distinct advantage during and after pregnancy.

We recommend that you consult your yoga teacher as soon as you know you are pregnant. This is because some poses are not recommended during pregnancy and these will change as you move through each trimester. Your teacher should be able to show you ways to modify poses to suit every stage of your pregnancy so that you can get the health benefits associated with yoga without any adverse side effects or discomfort.

For example, postures that raise abdominal pressure should be avoided and forward folds might need to become flat back extensions. A good yoga teacher will advise you and check your technique to make sure both you and your baby are practising safely.

The hormone (relaxin) that works to allow the uterus to grow and expand with your baby also affects your ligaments and tendons, which become more stretched and relaxed. As your baby grows, the bump may get in the way of some postures. You will find that your centre of gravity is affected: a slightly wider base will help with your balance.

Yoga helps you feel connected to your body, and promotes mental relaxation too. The concentration on breath control will also really help, especially in the latter stages of pregnancy.

Whether you’re pregnant, trying for a baby, or getting back in shape after giving birth, we wish you good luck and happiness.

As always, please consult your doctor before making changes to your lifestyle such as embarking on a new exercise programme.

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