The Science Behind Hot Yoga – Feel The Glow!

People often wonder what Hot Yoga means. Why would any form of yoga be any hotter than any other?

Good question!

You’ve heard how important it is for professional athletes to warm up before starting to exercise? Hot Yoga builds on the same science. 

Hot yoga classes are held in a warm room. The temperature varies from studio to studio but the basic idea is the same. When you exercise in a warm studio:

  • Your muscles become warmer and more pliable so you can achieve more.
  • Your body needs to work harder to maintain its optimum temperature and triggers natural mechanisms to cool itself down. The technical term for this is thermoregulation.
  • Your blood vessels go wider (dilate) allowing more oxygen and nutrients in, and letting more lactic acid out, helping to reduce fatigue. 
  • Your heart beats faster for a cardiovascular workout.
  • Blood comes to the surface of the skin so that heat can be lost. You start to sweat. Sweating is good for you. It’s our most natural way of cooling the body.
  • You’ll drink more – we recommend lots of water to replace electrolytes. Drinking water is the best way to detox as it flushes toxins from your system.

Repeated sessions of hot yoga workouts help tone your body, make it more flexible, more resilient and stronger. 

Most of all, it’s fun. You’ll feel energised as you enjoy the release of those feel-good hormones, endorphins, that give you that yoga high.


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